Molly DonaldsonI have owned my restaurant for only a couple years and have never had great experience with my credit card processing company. Camelot payments came along and saved the day for me! Not only did they cut my cost, but it’s the best costumer service, they are always willing to help with whatever I need. Couldn’t be more happy.

~Molly Donaldson

Javier GonzalesDuring these struggling times with my company, Camelot Payments not only helped me save money at my business, but they are friendly and easy to work with. Constantly going above and beyond to understand, myself as a business owner, and my needs. Thank you Camelot!

~Javier Gonzales

Raymond TownsendStarting a new business is extremely tough. There are so many obstacles to overcome. It was nice to find a company like Camelot Payments that took care of me from the start and made what seem so complicated, easy as pie!

~Raymond Townsend

Garrett MacySearching for a payment processor as a new business owner proved to be such a challenge. It seemed like many places offered a bit of a bait and switch and would say whatever it took to get your name on the dotted line. Camelot Payments offered me sincere service without the pressure and really seemed to just have my best interest as a business owner in mind.

~Garrett Macy